Caller ID Spoofing is done with the help of a Caller ID Spoof card or highly developed software that not only hides the true identity of the caller, but also allows him to change his voice while making outgoing phone calls. This helps the caller hide his/her overall identity from the call receiver.

free spoof call

How is this done?

free spoof call

To spoof your Caller ID you just need to purchase a spoof calling card with credits on it. The charges are very low as compared to the PRI phone lines used in the earlier days for the same purpose. Once you run out of calling credits, you could recharge your card with additional credits again for a nominal fee.

You would be assigned a special PIN or Personal Identification Number once you have purchased your card and credits. The next step is to punch in your PIN, followed by the number you want to call and also the number you want to be displayed on the CLI unit of the receiver. You would also be offered the option of changing your voice while making the call.

Why Use It?

Spoof cards are primarily meant for fun and entertainment. You could easily pull off a prank on your friends by masking your identity while making an outgoing call. Apart from fun and entertainment, this could also be used to keep an eye on people without letting them know about it. The FBI for instance could easily use the trick to keep surveillance on various crime suspects without alerting them about their intentions.

Apart from investigation and entertainment purposes, spoof calling cards could also be used by payment collection agencies. Quite often people don’t pick up calls from collection agencies to hide from their credit obligations; masked Caller IDs could solve the problem. A call from the collection agency could look like a call from the local gift shop and trick the user into picking up the phone. This could make the jobs of the collection agents easier.


Identity disguise could be fun, but it could also be used by prank callers for terrorizing people and also for extortion purposes. The callers should understand this and use the technology with high levels of responsibility and honesty. Since they can easily disguise themselves into someone they are not, callers could also be disrespecting someone else’s privacy. It is advisable that callers use the technology only for investigation and entertainment purposes and nothing else.

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